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The best Neo Classical/Contemporary Classical CD's

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I am a fan of traditional Classical music, and as such own quite a few Classical CD's (and SACD's). But I also enjoy listening to Classical music with a twist. Some of the first light Classical with a modern beat was the '80's Hooked on Classics series, then there were a few "copy cats" like the early 90's Switched on Classics series. More recently Bond did their take on Classical music.

Also many Heavy Metal guitarists have attempted to blend clssical with shred metal. Most in my opinion are not very good, and the only one that most will agree that does a pretty good job in fusing original Classical music with metal guitar is Yngwie Malmsteen. But how about re-intrepetations of works by the masters (Grieg, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Brahms, Mozart, Bach, etc? And not obnoxiously loud and screeching shred metal, but a more "ear pleasing" rock/hard rock variation?

I have found two such artists. One is Wolf Hoffmann of 80's metal band Accept, the other is Danney Alkana who was with California metal band Excalibur. Each have released Neo Classical albums that blend famous Classical works with rock guitar, and to great effect.

Here is a sampling (full songs) of both of these amazing guitar virtuosos.

Danney Alkana- Rock The Bach

Beethoven's 5th (Radio Edit)
Beethoven: "Symphony No. Five" Complete

More tracks:

Wolf Hoffmann- Classical

The Moldau
Blues for Elise
Pomp and Circumstance
In the Hall of the Mountain King

There are many more songs on Classical, but these are the only ones I was able to find online.

Do you all know of any other Neo Classical Rock and Contemporary Classical artists that are similar in style to these artists?

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Originally Posted by cacophony777 /forum/post/16879130

If you like Yngwie, you might also dig Joe Stump:

Yes I do like Yngwie, and I checked out Joe Stump. Pretty good stuff!

But the kind of music I was referring to in my post is rock/hard rock of the non speed/shred metal variety. Any other artists out there like Wolf Hoffmann or Danney Alkana?

Also any other Contemporary Classical along the lines of Hooked on Classics, or with a more modern beat like Bond? Can be Orchestral mix, electronic, electric violin, etc?

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