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Great Product, Highly Recommend

Reviewer: Sal from New York 10/30/06

As a former Circuit City sales person in the Audio Department, I have listened to and hooked up many different brands and types of receivers. If they were all as satisfying and easy as the HTS990THX I would probably still work there. The sound quality is the best I have ever heard from a HTIB set up. The speakers are made solid and don't feel flimsy like most HTIB speakers and deliver a very crisp and clean sound. The 12 inch powered sub delivers very rich and full bass, powerful enough to shake your room while your watching a good action flick but clean enough to listen to your favorite music without any distortion. If your limited in space, the speakers and sub may be a bit bulky for you, but they are by no means an eye sore in your living room or family room. If your looking for something the size of a Bose system, this isn't the one for you. If your looking for something that sounds fantastic (better than Bose in my opinion) without breaking the bank, this is the system for you.

Set up was a breeze. Even the most inexperienced person should have no problem following along with the user manual. The directions are written very clearly and in easy to understand language. Diagrams are also included for virtually every step of the process. If you choose to use the included speaker cables, they are all color coded to help you with speaker placement. However, I recommend spending the extra money and buying some heavier guage wire. Your system will only sound as good as your weakest link and many people make the mistake of using inferior wire and then wonder why they are disappointed with sound. If the speaker wire is not in your budget for now, the included wire is definitely adequate until you spend the money. All other wires (digital/optical cables, etc.) are sold seperately.

The receiver is powerful and very feature rich. It has multiple inputs for all your components, with multiple types of input jacks for each. The only type of input this receiver is lacking is HDMI. I prefer direct connection with video sources anyway, because no matter how good a component is, each one you add in the line between the monitor and the source degrades the signal. If your worried that you'll have 5 remote controls, don't... The univeral remote included operates my T.V., DVD , VCR, Digital Cable Box and of course the receiver itself with almost no loss of functionality. Once you program the device you wish to control, a little experimenting will lead you to find that almost every feature on the original remote is available at one of the buttons of the universal. My only gripe is that there is no On-Screen viewing that I've come to expect with a receiver of this level. If you've never had it, you won't miss it. A multi-zone function is also available, for listening to your favorite music or movies in other rooms of the house.

There are a ton of listening modes to choose from. You can find one to suit any person, mood or environment. Music, Movies or Televisiion all sound excellent. The user manual is very easy to follow and gives some very helpful hints on which sound mode best fits which scenario. It also gives good advice on setting proper speaker distances which is key to any surround sound set up, especially a 7.1 system. Last but certainly not least of all is the THX modes. THX certification isn't just handed out to anybody, and as of right now, this is the only HTIB system that is THX certified. When you watch a THX movie, you'll see why it's so important. I watched Star Wars Episode 3 and was blown away. The sound was amazing! Dim the lights and pop some popcorn and you'll feel like your sitting in the movies.

What attracted me most to this system was the price. I shopped around for quite some time, and resigned myself to the fact that I would be spending well over $1000 on just the receiver and speakers, never mind the cables and sub-woofer. When I started reading some of the reviews on this system (which was not widely available at the time) I decided to give it a shot and ordered it online. I was not disappointed. The sound quality and features offered for under $1000 is amazing. If you're not familiar with Home theatre, in can be a dunting task trying to put together a quality system on a budget. Well, Onkyo has taken the guess work out of it for you and put together a great system for a great price. This system still leaves room to grow if down the line you decide you want some full size front speakers in favor of a sub, or even in addition to. Overall, I highly recommend this system.

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so now you're cutting and pasting customer reviews from the CC website?

you've started about 20 threads in the last 2 weeks, most ranging from worthlesss 5 sentence statements to outright spam. if you don't have anything useful to contribute, stop posting this horsesh*t and taking up bandwith.
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