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I picked this movie up in China Town Nagasaki hoping it was going to be good.

Sadly I must say, this was horrible. Not the 3D but the movie itself. Such a lame plot and things that just didn't make any sense.

Its in Chinese but has English subtitles. However, often the subtitles say funny things like a bad translation.

I understood the hotel was haunted by the ghost of some guys wife, and his wife liked dogs but killed them all and she died. But what the heck was up with her giving birth to a half human half dog baby?!
Did she boinggg a dog?!!!!!! It just made no sense at all, and the ending was worthless as well.

I would not suggest anyone getting this in my opinion. On a good note though, the 3D was not so bad.

Here is a Youtube trailer [2010] ]ç«¥ç¼/The Child's Eye - é»å½±é*å/TRAILER(2'11) - YouTube
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