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In the cosmic rubber-band that is this universe, I have decided to once again, move from a domain based installation to a workgroup. Part of the reason is that I absolutely HATE my server hardware and it's just a pain the the arse to manage...and it costs a lot of money to power. Here is a recap of the last few weeks:

1) Server fan starts wobbling in my closet keeping me up at night.

2) My InfrantReady NAS blows a PSU and I lose media streaming abilities

3) I decide that a HP home server would be ideal..and I buy one, put about 3tb in it.

4) Realize that moving a domain account to a local account will be impossible and thus decide to reinstall, but this time in 64-bit.

I still have not decommissioned my server and here is why: The HTPC is still attached to the server and now I am actually thinking:

With windows7, could I build my own low powered HTPC (uATX) and use the trick to spoof digital cable tuner compatibility at the bios level. I have the PID for my tuners.

I hear that Win7 has a much better experience via media extenders (I use 2)...so I am compelled. I guess the question is:

What hardware would you recommend for a good, powerful, low-power HTPC that could sit in a closet next to my HomeServer and NAS?

Keeping cable card compatibility will be a must.
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