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The Destruction of AVSForum:ReplayTV

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I'm embarrassed to be a member of this forum.

You guys have made the makers of the software, including the one that was willing to look into the MV detection defect, leave this forum (I think ReplayMarc is it right now).

I have no connections to Replay or Panasonic, but I'm leaving too.

This lawsuit is so over the top I can't believe people are supporting this. To MikeLowe especially -- you need to actually get a life.

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There was complaining -- about Panasonic and Macrovision, about the delay for getting 3.0 -- ReplayMike said he would take a break...

The others, as far as I know, are still around...

ReplayLogan posted as recently as 11/11;

ReplayMarc posted on 11/08...

I don't think they have actually left -- may just be taking a break from getting 3.0 out...

Let's not make more of their "disappearance than it is!

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Personally, I just don't want my name anywhere near talk of a class action lawsuit against this company, even if it is *just* talk.

The TiVo forum recently banned posts related to TiVo stock. Similarly, I believe that forum is no place for lawsuit-related discussion. Once this stuff goes away, I'll be more willing to post here. Of course, I've only ever posted about 4 non-sarcastic useful things anyway - a record I am quite proud of.
I have not been checking in here as much as I should have. For this I am sorry to all...especially ReplayTV and the nice people from their who come here to help others.

I will now make sure I look in on this forum to retake control of the issues that have caused dismay. I have also just assigned two mods to this section that will also help to keep the peace.

Once again, I am sorry for letting things get like they did.


David Bott
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