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The Eagle Has Landed -- P50 Has Arrived!!!

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Thank you everyone on this forum for helping me on my odyssey toward this purchase. When I ran into my neighbor at the video store tonight and said "I got a new TV today" he said "finally!." Its been that kind of journey, from considering a Pioneer Elite Rear Projection CRT to a Samsung DLP to the Phillips LCOS to ... plasma.

The P50 (10) arrived today and its awesome. Don't even have HD yet, but the image just looks terrific. Wow. The kids were mesmerized with Lion King and I had my jaw on the floor. Now the experimenting and enjoying really begins.

I am grateful to the fine folks on this forum for your insights and advice.

p.s. I have an audio issue I'll ask in another thread.


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I went a similar route, considering DLPs then the Pioneers, and finally the Fujitsu, as every single Fuji I demoed dazzled. And also, I benefited greatly from the knowledge and advice of those on the forum. As well, a supportive spouse, whose response to my early discussions with her about HD was "well what are you waiting for? " :)
Watched Chicago on DVD last night. Fantastic! I find it hard to believe it was not HD. I'm still amazed. Watched it in "fine" mode.
Congrats rbimholz, I know you had a tough road. You're now enjoying the fruits of your labor!
Congrats! :)

Dunno how you watch DVDs in fine mode though...soooo dark. Did you turn up contrast/brightness?
To my eye fine mode only looks dark when you switch from the brighter settings. After a minute I think it looks really great. Very film like with a broad range of lighting. Enhances scenes that are supposed to appear in shadow greatly, I believe. So for DVDs, I enjoy that mode so far. We'll see after a while and I do a more detailed calibration.
What I did find out is that fine picture mode is essentially the same as static when setting black level to 0 and luminance to 100. So fine basically means you can fine tune the color shade reproduction of the panel in contrast to all other picture modes.

While I first preferred the static mode I now switched to fine mode with luminance set to somewhere between 55-75 (currently figuring out the sweet spot ;-). The out of the box luminance value of 40 is a bit too dark IMHO.
I agree. I kicked up luminance slightly on a DVD and thought a luminance level of 50-55 looked very nice (at night in dark room). I haven't experimented further yet.

I also have a question for P50-30 owners and one for P50 owners generally:

1. For p50-30 owners: In the RGB settings, are the value choices 0-255 (as it is on the P50-10) or some other range of values?

2. For all P50 owners: Am I right that the anti-burn in screen orbiter function is not available for the video inputs (and only works with DVI or RGB) inputs? If this is right, which it appears to be so from the manual, are there any other anti burn-in features for the video modes?

Thanks very much.

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The 0-255 values are exactly the same on the P50 10 series. I'm not sure about the anti burn-in feature in video mode since I don't ever use the video inputs. Actually I don't use the anti burn-in features at all since I don't watch enough 'bad' material to prompt concern.
Ken, thanks.

I have the P50-10 too, so I am interested to hear from Goombawa, CTBob, RCole or another of the P50-30 owners to see if the RGB value settings are different. 0-255 is an 8-bit number so I was curious to see if the RGB value choices on the -30 are different.

In asking about the screen oribtor stuff, when I referenced the "video" inputs, that includes composite (video1), S-video (video2), and component (video3 and 4), but not the DVI and the 15-pin inputs.


I just purchased a Phillips LCOS 55" and it will be delivered in about 2 weeks. I have heard from some people talking about a 'rumor' regarding some problems with the current LCOS 55" and I figured that I would email you to see if you have heard anything. The core of the rumor is that we should wait to buy one (about a month) due to some problems with the electronics (focusing). The person told me that they have a few 'bugs' to work out to make the picture sharper. He in fact showed me a Zenith LCD to show me the problem and he said that the Phillips has the same thing. I don't want to sound concerned but when purchasing something this expensive I don't want to get something that could have any problems out of the box.

Have you heard anything?


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