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Studio and Year: Anchor Bay Films- 2011
MPAA Rating: R
Feature running time: 91 minutes
Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Disc Format: BD-50
Encoding: AVC (MPEG-4)
Video Aspect: 2.40:1
Resolution: 1080p/24

Audio Format(s): English Dolby TrueHD 5.1, Spanish Mono
Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish
Starring: Devon Bostick, John Bregar, Victor Garber, Ray Liotta, Tatiana Maslany, Stephen McHattie, Dustin Milligan, Laura Vandervoort, Kevin Zegers
Directed by: Aaron Woodley
Music by: Robert Duncan
Written by: William Morrissey
Region Code: A

Blu-ray Disc release Date: September 6, 2011

"I did it 'cause there was nowhere left to go."

Film Synopsis:

Paul Dynan's life is turned upside down when he decides to kidnap three young socialites and hold them ransom to save his family.

My Take:

"For the love of money...Moooonay!"

Money makes the world go round, it also hurts, scars, runs our lives, and has an impact on almost all decisions we make (whether we like it or not). Dylan (Kevin Zegers, Frozen ) has had enough of seeing the rich kids living life without a care and having all too easy, while he struggles with bills, the job hunt and the declining health of his Mother. When they cant afford pills she so desperately needs, Dylan implements a plan to get $3-million dollars in ransom from three wealthy men (Ray Liotta, Victor Garber and Stephen McHattie). With the help of two easily manipulated outcasts, Dylan abducts the men's children (Laura Vandervoort, Dustin Milligan, John Bregar) and soon realize that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. When blood is shed and things seem to spiral out of control, we learn how sharp on his feet Dylan really is.

”The Entitled” was much better than anticipated. This Straight to video release grabbed my attention from the beginning and never let go. Full of intrigue, it does a great job with slight of hand, making you guess what it points you to, not what is really happening. You could say it is slightly clichéd, but the fact that I didn't guess the end was a nice surprise. The film had great production values, well above average acting and cast, and at 91 minutes is easily worth a viewing, especially if you just let it flow, have fun and don't think too too much! Oh and having Laura Vandervoort (V 2009) certainly didn't hurt one bit

Parental Guide:

Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use.

AUDIO/VIDEO - By The Numbers:
REFERENCE = 92-100 / EXCELLENT = 83-91 / GOOD = 74-82 / AVERAGE = 65-73 / BELOW AVERAGE = under 65

**My audio/video ratings are based upon a comparative made against other high definition media/blu-ray disc.**

(Each rating is worth 4 points with a max of 5 per category)

Audio: 80

  • Dynamics:

  • Low frequency extension:

  • Surround Sound presentation:

  • Clarity/Detail:

  • Dialogue Reproduction:

Video: 84

  • Resolution/Clarity:

  • Black level/Shadow detail:

  • Color reproduction:

  • Fleshtones:

  • Compression:
”The Entitled” makes its way to Blu-ray Disc from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment featuring 1080p AVC encoded video that has an average bitrate of 22.9 mbps and Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround Sound that has an average bitrate of 3.4 mbps.

”The Entitled” has a very enjoyable video presentation. Colors seem natural and are nice a vibrant and the image has deep blacks with nice details. Fine details look great on close-ups, but foregrounds can look a bit soft. I saw no compression artifacts and did enjoy this presentation, though it had a slight filmed on video look. We have an awkward audio presentation here where things seem just a little off balance, making me think about it more than sink in and just enjoy. The films score, which is pretty good, can overpower dialogue, leaving a few moments where I went back to hear what was said. The LFE was pretty deep here, especially with the films club scene, and the films effects channels were handled well with a natural realism. It could have used one more run through with the mix...

Bonus Features:

  • (HD) Deleted Scenes with optional audio commentary by Writer/Producer/Director Stevan Mena

  • (HD) The Entitled: Behind the Scenes

  • (HD) Alternate Ending

  • (HD) Previews: Kill the Irishman, Daydream Nation, Frozen

Final Thoughts:

”The Entitled” wants to be more...and it fails at being great. It does succeed at being a surprise and quite an entertaining film. The A/V presentation is worthy of Blu-ray, but it is not a disc to grab to show the system off. I recommend a rental as you will find a good little film that would be otherwise lost.

Lee Weber
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Looks interesting.

I love Ray Liotta. I'll throw this in my cue.

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I was wondering about this one. I will keep it in my queue based on your recommendation. I was not sure about this one and have been awaiting a review. Its reviews on smaller releases like this that help me decide what to rent and what to stay away from. Appreciate yet another review on a smaller release!

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Wasn't aware of this one--thanks Lee--just put it in my Netflix queue.
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