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The Galaxy Note 10+ Earbuds are Decent!

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ormally I'm totally dismissive of earphones that come with phones. But, the USB-C IEMs included with the Note 10+ are AKG and they look plus feel decent. So, I plugged them into my PC and launched Room EQ Wizard. And guess what! These buds are good. They play down to 20 Hz and below, and as high as your ears can hear. Sound is balanced, bass is emphasized a bit but in a fun and catchy way, without bloat... just nice solid "strong" bass, and the rest, nice and clear and crisp. In other words, worth using!

I'd even dare suggest that for many Note 10+ buyers (not obsessive AVS Forum members... just normal people), there's no need to spend more on aftermarket 'buds unless you want to go wireless. If you are picky about sound and have a budget for an upgrade of course you can find better. But the idea that the incuded 'buds go right in the trash does not apply here.

These AKG earbuds sound quite decent considering they came with the Note 10+
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I completely agree with you. Like you, I was totally taken by surprise.

I have only had a couple of instances where they got a little sloppy, but the bass is generally pretty tight.

I really have not had a good seal with them yet. I think they will get even better when I find the right tips.

I just ordered the TIN T2 and T2 Pro since they have received so much praise, so it will be fun to compare them all.
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