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The Gooch Basement Media room...getting close

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Well I made a big dent in the basement. The media room is pretty much done and the rest of the rooms are almost there. I still need to ad some sound treatment for the reflection points, but after the slate floor and bar- that'll be a piece of cake! Everything is DIY- no subcontractors necessary. Check it out and see what you all think. I've had a huge help with ideas from this forum from a lot of different folks so keep up the good work!

Don't worry- the furniture is leaving soon. I have a giant sectional with my name on it...just have to scrounge up the bucks.

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Wow great looking basement and website. That is a neat viewer you have there. You are talented with the DIY basement and website!!!
nice looking project. i like the slate tile. we looked at something similar for our basement bath at Home Depot this weekend. how do you like it?

It's great. But it was a major pain. I had probably 4 boxes that ended up useless either from color/texture or breakage. I had to do a layout twice to get thicknesses similar. After cementing, seal it twice with a penetrating sealer BEFORE grouting. Use a grout bag. Then you have to use a grout brush or dental pick to clean the excess from the pits/crevasses. Then seal again. You have to love it or it will make you crazy! But it came out solid and really beautiful. Oh, and I used a plain old wet saw for cuts.
I'm currently doing my basement too and was wondering what kind of fireplace you went with? Is that a vent-free or vented unit? Also, how are you enclosing your I-Beams or are you just going to paint them? Thanks for a ton of ideas you just gave me.
What photo site are you using?
Nice Basment I went with the same flooring.What size screen is that?
The fireplace is a Heat-N-Glo 32" I believe. It's a vented and being below grade had it's own set of issues on install. The fireplace business is pretty much a racket....like weddings and funerals- it seems that the installers are all in cahoots with the manufacturers IE: The rules and tweaks involved in putting one in are such that you pretty much have the Fear of God (not to mention Law) if you choose to install by yourself. Minimum heights...distances to materials...amount of airflow...gas line...room ventilation....my recommendation is to find a qualified installer and just pony up. My installer on the other hand.....well, look at the shots. I framed the opening (easy) and had the electrical outlet installed- I bought the unit from a fireplace installer/dealer and they agreed to come out and hook the lines and rig the unit. When I came home from work I was shocked to find that they actually cut a floor joist to make a route for the vent. Cut a floor joist. I immediately framed a brace and I'm confident that the load requirements are steady. I called the company and spoke to the owner who promptly came out to have a look and cut $200 off the install. I could have really pushed the point and sued/insisted/bitched.....but at that point I was just happy to have a fireplace. So good luck with a fireplace install. Read everything you can and know the codes going in. By all means if an install seems questionable, it's probably questionable. I just painted the beams. I'll finish the ends with some kind of trim. I figure why hide them?

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The screen is a 100" Elite Tab-tensioned electric. Came in a package with the PJ. I'll eventually put up a soffit for it.
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