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The green LED of my subwoofer won't light up anymore!

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The diode number 3 (Power green/Standby red) doesn't light up anymore, today I turned on my subwoofer (who was in "Standby" mode) but unlike usually the diode number 3 didn't turn from red to green but instead just shut itself off. Diode number 3 still turns red when I put it in standby mode, but doesn't turn green anymore when I switch it to "On" mode and only diode number 1 "frequency" turns itself on.

Is my subwoofer broken? Do you think maybe it's because of using the "standby" function too much?

For info, only 8 hours ago the green led was still working, I went to bed, turned everything off and put my receiver and subwoofer in standby mode (as I usually do.)
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You got power problems in that house I think...You got more stuff burning up..

Sub is toast...
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