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This is a slow sensual drama that follows a woman whose been freed by impending doom.

I disliked it at first, but the story grows on you as you watch it, like many dramas do. By the end of the movie i genuinely liked the story, despite many faults.

I watched it upconverted from Standard DVD, and the picture and sound quality was competent, middle of the road for 2009. A Blue-Ray presentation of this would be worth checking out, for the improvement in sound quality. The searing distorted guitar soundtrack was very good, if you like the sound of Marshall amps, and I do

So if you like slow dramas that focus on one person in chaos, who happens to be a beautiful 40-ish actress, and you like electric guitars, then its worth a rental for sure.

And if you can get through the slow first half of the movie, it will reward you somewhat by the end.
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