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The Incredible Hulk vids

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Hulk beats Abomination into the street slight back plate coil tap


Hulk beats Abomination into the street blade flop


Hulk beats Abomination into the street blade flop from floor




pulse side

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It's amazing how much more excursion is warranted for that last 10Hz....

going from 20Hz to 10Hz requirs 4X the excusion

1/2ing an octave requires quadrupling displacement
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Try the scene where abomination starts to run towards hulk.
Btw pretty good camera mic, it allmost take them all with pretty clean sound.
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Yes, the stops are wicked as well! Does anyone have the scene/frequencies? I know it's some of the lowest stuff Ive had yet, giving WOTWs a good run... but with a LOT of room excitation, so I'm wondering if I think it's lower than it really is, or harmonics? Actually my camera is usually pretty bad... I think it helped using the corner loaded tower this time, the left side is much louder and when I do bottom out a bit it's the right side as it is right in front of the opening to the entire house. Less loading.
Something like this, looks like abomination footstomps have some serious 5-13hz bass.

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well then I may just tune even lower if I do use larger ports for the 22's. By the sounds of it I shouldn't exceed 1/3rd Sd though. I take it back about sub10Hz being a waste ... those foot stomps, the initial pulse from the pulse guns, and Abominations head getting punched into the street have a ton of effect. Same with WOTWs I think I get a lot of sub10Hz. The rifle fire and gattling gun on The Last Samuri seem to be getting too low, IDK. When I mess with sine waves 10Hz on down seems dead, but not during the movies.
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