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The Kinks - One for the Road

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I just got this off of eBay. The back of the box indicates it has a surround layer, as do a couple of reviews I've read. However, my PS3 only sees the RBCD and 2 channel SACD layer. Did I get a bad disc or am I reading something wrong?
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It's a printing error. The disc is stereo only. The following is from highfidelityreview.com and describes how my own disc was packaged and labeled. If you bought it used off of Ebay than the plastic wrapper with the grey sticker mentioned below was probably missing.

Correctly Labeled SACDs

High Fidelity Review readers will recall that the first releases in the Kinks Remastered SACD Series carried some confusing labeling. This involved a grey sticker noting the discs were "Newly remastered in SACD format! Hybrid Stereo SACD" on the front of the Digipak and then a format bar that incorrectly said the disc contained SACD Surround Sound, SACD Stereo and CD Audio tracks. In reality, none of the Kinks Remastered SACD series carries SACD Surround Sound tracks.

Here is the link to the page Kink's SACD

Just curious if you remember where you saw the surround reviews.

OK, well, it still sounds good in 2-channel.

Thanks for the clarification. None of the reviews were in-depth-they just mentioned that there was a surround layer.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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