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Long Way Round

Premieres 10/9pm Thursday, October 28

Actors and friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman will star in and

co-produce this new Bravo series chronicling their four-month transcontinental journey by motorcycle.

Through six one-hour episodes, Long Way Round will show the actors in a way the audience has never seen them before, utterly left to their own devices and foregoing their more comfortable lifestyle. Their journey will take them over 20,000 miles, circumnavigating the longest continuous landmass on earth through the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Siberia, Alaska and Canada before arriving in the Untied States. Undoubtedly, they will encounter hardships along the way, including cultural and language barriers as they pitch tent and attempt to live off the land. The journey is not only a test of their endurance, but a cultural lesson too as they will take part in a range of activities native to the lands they traverse.

Does anyone know if this will be in HD? If so, I may have to have a party for my motorcycle friends when it is on.
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