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This Media Room type Home Theater has been designed with the intention of being ‘The Ultimate TV & Gaming Room’.


• 13.4.7 Dolby Atmos audio system by Lyngdorf and M&K Sound (300 Series).

• 20 x M&K Sound MP300s; affixed to, floating off the walls, and toed-in via custom made ebonised solid oak timber hardwood wedges.

• Front soundstage comprises “Phantom Line Source LCR” plus Wides; plus four M&K Sound X12 Subwoofers in the front left and right corners.

• Lyngdorf MP60 Processor; with additional custom DSP.

• 10 x Lyngdorf SDA-2400 Digital Stereo Power Amplifiers.

• RoomPerfect room correction; and my own custom-programmed Lyngdorf ‘Voicings’.

• 85” SONY ZG9 TV.

• Source equipment comprises:

- OPPO 203 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

- Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

- ROKU Premiere; streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Youtube, etc…


- Playstation 4 PRO

- XBOX One X Scorpio Edition

• In-room lighting by Gradus, the same brand of lighting that features within commercial Dolby Cinemas and IMAX theaters.

• Automated control system by Control4. Custom programmed according to our particular specifications by Pro Media Solutions. Featuring control via dockable iPad plus Phone App.

• Perfectly optimized blacked out environment. The entire room has been finished in the blackest least light reflective fabric material in the world, and the blackest least light reflective carpet and rugs, yielding a total absence of environmental reflections for maximum immersion and optimum video performance. Fabric walling by Quiet Interiors. Fiber Optic Star Ceilings with Shooting Stars by Wiedamark.

• Silenced room. Door comprises the same acoustic doorset that is used for sound-proofing in professional recording studios. The background noise floor of the room is so deathly quiet that it literally cannot be measured, because it is below the minimum threshold of professional SPL meters.

• Audio system represents a design solution for use with non-acoustically transparent displays of any size, with ZERO compromise with respect to the audio sound quality performance. Specifically intended for use with giant screen TVs and modular video walls.


Steinway Lyngdorf: https://steinwaylyngdorf.com/

Quiet Interiors https://www.quietinteriors.com/

Pro Media Solutions: https://www.promediasolutions.co.uk/

Gradus: https://www.gradus.com/led-lighting-s...

Wiedamark: https://www.wiedamark.com/StarCeiling...

Photography by Pedro Alves: https://www.pedroalves.co.uk/


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Very Very Nice. !!
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Very nice room, awesome gear!
Definitely will follow this thread!

Although I'm a bit confused with the speaker layout, are the top 3 speakers above the screen running as (dual) LCR or part of overhead speakers in a Auro-3D layout?
And how about the rear middle speakers? just thinking about how you could have 13 speakers in the base layer.
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