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The Master Timtimes Media Multiplex Thread

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Hi guys. Haven't been very active in the forum lately because you guys got me so addicted to my first DLP (Benq 6200) I spent so much time playing with it I never did finish my media room (see old posts). However, I have purchased most of the materials and promise a detailed photo and journal essay of the process, both here and on my website. For what it's worth, I've been sidelined on another home theater project, this one involving my anticipated outdoor arrangement. I started the outdoor deck/theater project on Oct 6th of last year, a little over three months ago. I don't have the very latest photos up yet, but you can see a fair bit of progress in the shots I have posted. I field tested the setup with a 9 x 12 white canvas tarp (Lowes -$20), stapling it temporarily onto the lattice panels you see in some of the photos. I found it too small. Other screen arrangements have been going through my head. I'll share them later. For now, here's the flickr link:

New roof and siding to follow completion of deck and I'm still gonna figure a way to squeeze my INSIDE THEATER build in somehow!!

I got a refurbed PE7700 from Benq a couple months ago for a very sweet price to use inside and I'm going to use my 6200 'on the fly' for the outside events as well as some possible guerilla drive-in action.

Thanks to everyone here who has made my entry into the exciting world of front projection as fulfilling as my previous (and ongoing) love of audio. I will try to give back to the group as much as possible by the contribution to this forum of the details of my experiences.

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Hi all. I've been busy working on my outdoor deck and theater project since I started in Oct 6, 2007. Does that mean it's been six months come April 7th? I think it does. Sound like a lot of time, but considering the progress I've made, in what is basically the dead of winter and a do-nothing period for many in the country, I don't feel too bad. I might even tighten up the loose ends before the six month deadline.

I've updated my Flickr set noted in the first post. It's up to something like 61 photos to date. I'm going to try and attack a few lower rez favorites of mine to this post....

I'm at the point of considering the outdoor screen. I have tried using canvas attached to the rear lattice, but I'd prefer something more sturdy, and the lattice might just be a bit too far away from my deck (viewing area) It's actually something over thirty feet from the front of the top deck where the gazebo sits to the fence.

Short of putting in even more 4x4 posts somewhere closer to the deck to attack lightweight plywood onto, I really haven't thought of many other options. I think I want a screen that is at least 16 feet wide (I've been running the idea of four 4x8 sheets of thin plywood, two high stacked sideways for 8x16) That would mean three more 4x4 twelve foot posts. I would use industrial strength velcro to attach the four panels (they'd share attachment to the middle post). When I take the screen down the only thing left are the three posts. I guess I could disguise them as lightpoles by topping them with some fancy low voltage yard lights? I think I'll run another test outside off the existing rear lattice before I go to any more digging. I'm about dug out.


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Working to finish outdoor project first, but I have a lot of the materials in storage and am looking forward to that in a couple months. In the meantime, I rewired some of my components so I could use them in my existing living room with an the proper WAF. I started out with the components on a coffee table in front of me between myself and the projection wall. This worked well for controlling components as they were all facing me (with exception of PJ). The downside of this setup was that the wires were all visible from EVERYWHERE else.

I spent the better part of a sleepless night rewiring and reworking the coffee table off to the side. You can see the bundled cables all neatly emerging from the backside of the coffee table.

In the third picture you can see the coffee table in place where it now rests. The a/v receiver in use here is a spare that doesn't have component video switching which is why I went with the mechanical switch for components. Controlled components Xbox, HD-DVD, OTA HD Tuner, Ipod Video. Space for subcompact Asus eeePC. Additional amplification on corner table.

I've also attached a closeup of the bundling on the av switch as well as the final (temporary) placement of the Benq PE7700. The Xrocker seats are wired in so that they can be unplugged and moved out of the way at any time. The wiring for them is also bundled and slips under the front edge of the couch behind them

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