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Here is my build thread  http://www.avsforum.com/t/1468993/the-retirment-dream-home-theaterMy house will be spray foam insulation in the rafters (attic) and also under my Theater since I am over the garage. I will put R13 in theater walls and R19 directly above for sound proofing. My space will be 18x23 after I get the walls up with IB1-Clips and decoupled rear wall. 10' ceiling in the front with 7' knee walls (18x14) and 9' in the rear with 6' knee walls (18x9).I meet with the builder and the HVAC guy today. They have 4 ea 6" ducts running to the theater. Once I explained that I want to have my sound proof room and will be building Soffits to run the supply line and will need a return. I also said I may not want to heat and cool the room 24 hours 7 days a week and started discussing pricing for the zone control.

He said the best way to do what I want is to put in a ductless system from Mitsubishi which would probably run me about $2100. He said the benefit is that I can run it anytime I like and the recovery from off to on is really quick. Second benefit is that I now do not have to make 5 huge holes in my sound proof shell which I will then have to run in the soffits.

I stated I had split units in Hawaii and the apt I am in now, they are loud and I do not like them. He claims they are really quiet he has one in his office and claims you do not know it is on. I looked on line and they claim from 19-22db. Does anyone know what that means noise wise. He claims that with the baffles in the zoned system when it is scaling back the air flow that it will be louder than the duct less.
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