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"The new DualShake controller is awesome, trust us."

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Have to mention that Warhawk looks gorgeous as well.. Great to hear the the controller is working fantastically :D


"E3 2006: Warhawk Second Impressions

The new DualShake controller is awesome, trust us.

by Nix

May 10, 2006 -

Doubters of the PlayStation 3's new controller (as well as haters for it following in the footsteps of the Wii) will hopefully at least come to terms with the fact that this is a good thing for gaming once they get their hands on the controllers. As a skeptic myself, I was unsure how much potential and promise was in this new motion-sensitive control system, but after getting a hands-on feel of the game with the new WarHawk (the only game on the main show floor with motion control support, although developers have confirmed with us that games like Resistance will use it), I have a good feeling for what Sony has done here.

In a nutshell, the SCE conference on Monday was a terrible representation for how well this controller feels and how accurate it is in motion. The pre-E3 demo was designed to show off motion sensing in general, but if the fellow playing had just steered the dang ship, people would have gawked. In hands-on play, the controller works beautifully. You can weave through canyons, just barely dusting the cliff edges without wrecking, and then you can dive down straight towards the water below before pulling up at the very last second to graze the surface. It works, and in feel, it's more analog than standard stick control -- usually, gamers peg the control for everything but fine movement, but because you're shaking the controller around, you are driven towards smaller movement and more "analog" steering. The hardcore may turn off motion control and just use the sticks where they can, but the feel of the game seems to do the job of introducing casual gamers to the system, while the added third controller feature (or rather 8th control, considering motion movement features "six degrees of control") should offer tons of movement options to next-gen games.

Unfortunately for WarHawk, I flip-flopped from wild enthusiasm to skepticism, exactly the opposite from my controller impressions. WarHawk is basically not yet the WarHawk we are all dying for it to be. It controls nicely, but the look of the demo was far away from the gorgeous trailer shown at TGS 2005 -- powerful waves rolling through canyons have been replaced with more simple textures and depth effects (although curiously, there looked to be spots where "next-gen" water can be seen, with patches seen from a distance detailed with what looked to be more depth and height mapping. There were few enemy ships for the "ambient warfare" feel of millions of things happening all around us. There was also very little space to roam around to see more, with only a small island to float around. Textures were generally weak, and there was little next-gen depth to the texturing. Pro-pixel leatherization diffusion was not apparent anywhere. Basically, this looked to be a playable version of the GDC demo, which had been cut down for the show to concentrate on a few elements ... this time, the demo seemed cut down to focus on the controls.

WarHawk is being developed by the accomplished Incog, so we have little worry that the game will kick ass -- we just don't understand why, as one of the first games announced for the system by such a high-profile first-party developer, this demo wasn't everything it needed to be in order to blow people away. The sampling shown, however, was just a very small section of the game, and we're hoping that what's being worked on back at the lab kicks it all the way up. Look for more from WarHawk now that it's shown and playable and eager to be talked about by SCEA.

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I don't really see what's so special about the controller it's basically a silver duelshock2 controller without the vibration function and a few sensors.

and another thing, they should change the name of the controller now since it does'nt have vibration functioning, the name duelshock is misleading.
is it still called duelshock? In this article they call it the duelshake.

a buddy of mine put up his impressions of Warhawk from E3, Very promising :)

"I did get hands on time with Warhawk and it was very cool. We chatted with one of the developers and I got some time to play it and try out the controls. They had disabled the analog joysticks to force you to use the gyration controls. I was rather amazed that it was so easy to pick up.

There were a few of us on the tour and one of the guys remarked that he felt he had to hold the controller much more lightly in order to get fine control of the plane and that by by doing so he lost button control. The rest of us didn't really have that problem and were able to hold the controller firmly with fine button control and also use the gyration controls to pilot the plane all over the place.

The game is still heavily in development and there are features that were not present that will be worked in later. Barrel rolls were there, but they are going to work in all kinds of different rolls (roll back to catch someone who is on your tail, etc.) and different controls.

The environments were fairly destructible in this build but the developer we were talking to said they were going to be fully destructible. What we saw was very cool. Targets are easily identified and it was really easy to pilot the plane around towards them and take them out. There was also a hove function that allowed you to take out standing targets without having to fly by them - it did leave you as a sitting duck tho so probably couldn't be used too often.

Overall it was really smooth playing and the controls were incredibly. I thought they would be very tough to pick up but I had them going within a minute or two and was roughly piloting my Warhawk all over the place with relative ease. I can only imagine that further play would make that better.

Very cool. I liked it!

I got some stills (which look blurry from what I recall) but I also got some video so keep an eye out for that! "
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Duelshake?..That's a funny name :) lol.

Nice impressions by the way!
yeah, it is funny.. I don't know if that is final or just a placeholder for the article.
Originally Posted by SurfingMatt27
Duelshake?..That's a funny name :) lol.

Nice impressions by the way!
Now if Sony releases the Frylock and the Meatwad...
Dual Shake = Controller

FryLock = PS3, George Forman Grill School of Design

MeatWad = All of us who are gonna shell out $600+ for the thing
that's going to be an insane number of meatwads ;)
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