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The NFL On CBS In HDTV - 2005/2006 Week 15 Saturday Special Edition!

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Today's CBS NFL game in HDTV & DD 5.1:


Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) @ New York Giants (9-4)

Playoff Scenario

New York Giants can clinch playoff berth with:

1) NYG win + DAL-WASH tie + CAR loss + ATL loss.

From NFL.com

Tiki vs. Larry -- two of the top five. That's what it could come down to as night falls on Giants Stadium. "You have to run the ball in December, no matter what," says Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil. And the game's two main backs definitely can. The Giants' Tiki Barber ranks third in the NFL in rushing (1,357 yards) and has pounded out four 100-yard games in a row. The Chiefs' Larry Johnson, No. 4 in the league (1,251), is the hottest RB in 100-yard games, producing six in a row. But … they go against top 10 rush defenses -- the Chiefs at No. 6 and the Giants at No. 8. If it all comes down to the fourth quarter, you've got two top 10 quarterbacks leading things -- KC's Trent Green (No. 3 in fourth quarter, 103.9) and NY's Eli Manning (No. 10, 85.9).
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Wow...Using my new H20 with D* and watching on my local channel WTXF 29 in HD, the picture is crap. It's all blocky.

I tune to channel 88 and it's perfect.

Guess there still some bugs somewhere with this new equipment.

Opps maybe Ken can move this to FOX thread.
KHOU-11 Houston, OTA, picture quality is about the best I've seen this season.

Makes up for the lousy SD pregame show. Something to fix for next season CBS!
Now this is the way it's done, very nice PQ and very understated banner, as usual, CBS does it right.
Beautiful picture and sound via KUTV and comcast. I swear I wince every time I have to watch my Vikings on Fox. Todays Giants/Bucs game PQ has horrible - no better than the foxwidescreen stuff from a few years back.

Looks great OTA KIRO-DT Seattle. Some minor aliasing, but no big motion blocks.

Can anyone confirm that the sound effects are predominately coming from the left surround when they show graphics with stats and other similar graphics "swooshing" across the screen? In general, the 5.1 I'm getting from this game is heavily center channel biased, probably a local delivery issue.

Astro-turf sucks btw, especially in HD.
Looking good here in Atlanta. OTA from WGCL-DT (no sub-channels) displayed on an HP plasma.
Agreed, PQ looks amazing. FOX should really take some pointers from CBS on how to do a live sporting event.
Originally Posted by keenan
Now this is the way it's done, very nice PQ and very understated banner, as usual, CBS does it right.
you know CBS could do something differently... they've used the same graphics for YEARS now. I'm glad I dont' have to watch the AFC games too often.

I miss the snow plow :D :D
PQ is good here. OTA, Alexandria LA KLFY HD DD2.0
thank you CBS for no repulsive banners taking up nearly 50% of the screen.

Much better than Fox's crap today
Originally Posted by cpalmer2k
you know CBS could do something differently... they've used the same graphics for YEARS now.
CBS has used the existing graphics since the 2004 Super Bowl, or for last season and this season.
CBS has it right. NFL should be about the NFL - specifically the game - it's not about the network. Be clever coming in and out of commercials, not during the game.

There should be an NFL mandate to all the networks: "When you're showing grass, show some class"
I wish I could always see the Giants on CBS. The pq is excellent.
Instant replay in HD, really shows you alot more. That call had to be hard to make
Anyone else switch to SD at 8pm?

Don't get why my local would do that with HD shows following the game. :confused:
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