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Odd I might have to go look at mine again. It’s all currently rolled up in tubes as I finish my new room. If I remember correctly the p2 was the more plastic of the 2 and the replacement they sent me is a soft fabric weave. I have pictures some where of the 2.Actually found the old thread I posted about all this.Elite screen P2 there are still pictures up. If needed I can take what they sent me out and take some new pictures.
Im sorry. Im in the wrong.. The models are different in EU.. The 2 samples i have are the white P3 which is very thin, the other is called acoustipro UHD which looks a lot like the one you labeled XD.
I have had contact to both eu and us elite customer service reps , and the 2 offices does not seem to communicate.
I got an email from the us rep telling me P3 and UHD was the same material, by chance i then spoke to a eu rep that didn't understand this, as they are different in EU. She told me the UHD is their newest top end, i was confused, but she recommended with my projector i look at P3 og the weaved UHD.

Anyways, the P3 look very cheap and very prone to screendoor/moire while the UHD/XD (If they are the same) is very plasticy and is off-white..
Tomorrow i will tape the 2 samples on my stewart screen, see how they hold up, even though the samples are so small, they should give an idea.
I got recommended Dream Screen from norway as being as good as Seymour, but they are really expensive, as expensive as the brand my dealer is trying to sell me on, DT screens. Dealer says the DT is the only AT screen they will sell, as the quality is unmatched, but price is as very high.
But,i am not off put if quality is so good it will last me as ling as the stewarts have 10+ years.

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Im looking to buy a new Projector screen for my room.
Its a light controlled movieroom matblack ceiling and mat beige walls with black absorbers on it.
The room is 6.17m long and 3.26 wide and only 2m in hight.
I have a sony vpl-vw590es projector.
Looking to buy a 16:9 106"-110" screen
And I have hade a screen research solidpix 1 103" White screen whit gain 1.0.
Looking at a couple of screens Projecta "Da-Lite" Fullvision 108" 16:9 White screen gain 1.1 or gain 1.3.
Also looking at Elitescreens Cinewhite Aeon gain 1.1 110" 16:9.
And also Screen Innovation pure white or pure gray.
Or Euroscreen Edgeless Flexwhite

Have anyone done a comparison betwin them and what are your thougts about them..?
Dont whant any sparkels or shining glittery on the screen.

Hope someone could help me to deside..😊
Going to take home some test materials also but fun to hear your thougts also..


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