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The Pain of Dual Monitors....

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Hi all, I thought I would share my experiences trying to get this to work with CME 2005.

Basically, I have a small touch screen 12" TFT which I use to drive MCE 2005. This is configured via the normal VGA port. Additional to this I have a CRT projector which is used to display films on a 7ft screen.

The problem is that the ATI drivers for MCE 2005 and the normal ATI drivers simply don't work well with two monitors (both latest version 5.2 from ati.com).

No matter what I do, I cannot make the small screen stay at 800x600 (it's native resolution) and make the projector do the same. As soon as I switch dual monitors on in the drivers it puts the small screen to some daft resolution just under 800x600. ONLY in MCE 2005 it does this when you go into full screen.

I've given up trying to make it work. If anyone knows how to "lock" MCE 2005 to a resolution I'm all ears....atm...I just put up with it. But it seems that this product has a long way to go and the drivers the same before it becomes a properly working system for people like me with a monitor and another source to project with.

I want to make sure the TFT stays at 800x600 and the Projector (via the Svideo connector) goes to 1024x768 or better 1280x1024. I can't make it do it...

Anyone have any ideas?
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i use a x700 pro pci-e vid card, with win2000.

the ATI catalyst center was maddening... i could get both my 17" LCD and my tv to run at different resolutions, but program placement and controll was elusive.

i finally unloaded the catalyst center, and merely specified Meedio (my front end of choice) to display on the secondary monitor (tv, DVI), and all other windows activities on the primary (LCD, vga port) monitor.

are you using catalyst control center?
Originally posted by Ballistix999
I want to make sure the TFT stays at 800x600 and the Projector (via the Svideo connector) goes to 1024x768 or better 1280x1024. I can't make it do it...
Somewhat OT, but S-Video is 480i, regardless of what you have your resolution set to. You really should be running VGA or DVI to your PJ. S-Video is crap for an HDTV.

Oh and on topic, AFAIK no drivers will allow you to clone at two different resolutions. You have to use extended desktop, but then you don't have the same thing on both.
Hi there, yes I'm running with 5.2 and the catalyst control centre...

Whats Meedio? Maybe I should try it?

I want to if at all possible have the TFT and the Projector displaying at the same time but in their own resolutions...

Any ideas?
Ah I see. Hmm...there is a 15pin d VGA on the back of the projector...are thre any distance limitations for VGA? from HTPC to projector is about 8-10 metres...

Just so I get this right...what res are you saying is max through the Svideo connector??

S-Video is max 720x480 @ 30Hz, it's limited to NTSC (or PAL). 8-10m should be no problem for VGA, just be sure to get a quality cable that uses Coax.
Any manufacturers or cables you would recommend?


I've got a 25ft BlueJeansCable VGA breakout cable. Or check some of the forum sponsors.
How about any of these?

hm...can't post a link....


Actually thinking about it. My Video card has a DVI too. I better check my supplier for the best option here. But in theory would it be better to go DVI to 15pin on the projector or is there nothing in it between 15pin and DVI??

Stop press...my Projector takes RGB component connectors, bayonet types...so I need a DVI or VGA to RGB Bayonet...the plot thickens :)

i am running a lcd over a 50 foot vga cable from pccables, about $30.00 shipped, works great, the lcd is running at 1280x1024

you can check out meedio at their website..

it is a frontend (like windows MCE), very customizable.
what kind of video card do you use?

if ATI, consider get a breakout "dongle" from ati that gives you composite output.
Yeah its a 9600Xt 256MB.

I think I need to get a VGA to 5BNC Cable.

Thanks again.

The Lindy should be fine.

What PJ do you have, and/or what inputs does it have? You could go DVI-I to VGA, but that's no different (electrically) than VGA-VGA.
It's an Ellie XS 3000 HT. It has bayonet fittings for the RGB in so I would need a VGA to BNC cable.
OK bought a cheap VGA - 5BNC cable to see what happens...erm quantum leap in performance.

Going to do it properly now....going to try an HDTV recording 1080i I have tomorrow but so far, its a stunning improvement over normal DVD material and certainly over Svideo.

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