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The Panaspnic HC-v750 and HC-W850EB thread.

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As release is imminent of these two cameras I thought a thread would be a good idea.

The 120P function will be useful for many I am sure. Both are good looking too. Though not so sure about inbuilt wind protection on the microphones and how efficient it will actually be. So if you are getting one of these lease let us know here.

The V750 is on my list!
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I´m also very interested in the coming V750 because of its 120fps slowmo in 1080p 
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Do you think this 120fps will be actual frames? I know that they claim they are, and that the 240fps will be via interpolation.


I'm just a little suspicious since it seems to only be available during a button press. Is this just a weird interface choice or is there a tech reason it can't sustain it as a full time mode, too many bits per second?


I assume it will also do some type of exposure compensation during the 120 fps. It will be very interesting to see what the picture quality will be at that rate.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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