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I've wasted countless hours trying to figure this out on my own thru numerous forums and sites so... I'm hoping for some guidance here! I'm hoping dbone can take some time to come to my aid - here is my setup and wants. I have a 2 year old dell that is sufficiently robust in my home office that I am about to wipe down and load Windows 7 on. Wired in my office closet I have a 1tb world book that I have used for backing up the computer. From there I have a linksys G router that I run a wireless network from. I also have an older older Denon 3803 receiver that I power my in ceiling speakers in 5 zones thruought the house. I have a 42" panny in my bedroom that I cannot run cat 5 to. I have a 42' panny downstairs that I can and a projector in a small media room that I can also. I currently have Comcast cable and tv and it works fine. I have nothing hooked up to the tv's except the comcast box with the exception of the media room where it runs thru a HT receiver and samsung blue ray. What I would like to be able to do!

I would like a central storage device in the closet for all of my media.

I would like to be able to stream music thru the 3803 to all zones using my stored music and say pandora

I would like to stream pictures and stored home movies to all tv's from my stored media

I would like to be able to stream internet to my tv's

I would like to be able to access Hulu and Netflix from my tv's (or a like service to order on demand movies from)

I would like to be able to burn blue rays and dvds to my media storage device and stream

I would like a simple user interface that the wife can feel comfortable with

I would like to minimize the "wires and mess" that hang from the flat panels.

This sounds like I don't know anything but actually I'm just lost on where to start. I don't need an exact solution just some ideas from you guys on how you might set this up and what devices pose which advantages and disadvantages. I've had this on my list for a year and want to get started so I'm finally asking for help instead of stumbling on!
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