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Maybe this does not need a thread devoted to this one issue, but I believe people need to know this and that this may get missed if I post it in one of 2 threads concerning crosstalk and sync related issues. I have had my PN50C490 set as of yesterday and here is what I have observed so far.

The Picture Correction setting as the manual describes fixes the image for the left and right eye. What it means is that it swaps the image and there is no other adjustments made, from the best I can tell.

Also I know some people think this setting will lessen crosstalk, and I agree.. it does, BUT it may do this by swapping the wrong image to the wrong eye and this will likely cause more fatigue and it would be horrible to do this to young children whose vision is still developing in my honest opinion. I switched back and forth a lot with picture correction analyzing the image carefully and particularly on scenes with a very dynamic range of depth.

So in summary when you use the Picture Correction make sure that you pause a scene with a very clearly define foreground and background and if you can pick a scene that clearly has multiple layers of depth, pay closer attention to what happens to the back ground than the foreground. The foreground will much more easily stay up in the front and center of your attention even when the images are swapped incorrectly.

If you truly cannot see a difference when toggling the Picture Correction feature back and forth then I would question your ability to see stereoscopic 3D. So far I am still struggling some with crosstalk, instead of using the black tape method I am going to use some putty for now just incase of a sync issue and I'll work with the settings some more.

And that is another issue I have found, people here screwing with their color settings so much the dark areas are way too dark and the white areas are completely overblown all in an attempt to escape crosstalk. So far from my point of view about crosstalk is much more an issue of content than anything else, I have several 3D movies and demos from both Panasonic and Samsung, some of it works flawless and others just don't but I am not going to screw up my settings for 3D content that simply does not work. It either works well or it doesn't, and I would not blame the TV either, it's the content.
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