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Hi everyone,

Been lurking for a while, and am curently researching some articulating mounts. Hope this could be an useful post to everyone that is considering an articulating mount. Of course, there are four manufacturers:





Can anyone help fill in the blanks? My criterias are the following:

-Length of extension

-Length when fully closed

-Range of tilt

-180 degrees of pan/pivot

Here's what I found:

Length of extension:

Peerless: 31" (includes mounting plate

Chief: 33 5/8"

Omni: 27" (includes mounting plate)

Premier: 28.853"

Length when fully closed:

Peerless: no info

Chief: 2 5/8" (Is this right?)

Omni: 5.24"

Premier: no info

Range of Tilt:

Peerless: 10 degrees up/ 5 degrees down

Chief: 15 degrees / 5 degrees down

Omni: no info

Premier: no tilt?


Peerless: 90 degrees per arm

Chief: 90 degrees left right of center

Omni: 180 degree lateral rotation

Premier 90 or 180 left right from center (2 models)

Feel free to chime in if you have more info!

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I have a Peerless and I was pretty sure that it extended out 36" (3 feet). The rotation is a full 90 degrees per arm, and there are two. Theoretically, you could get 180 degrees, however a 50 is so large, you can only truly get 90 degrees before the edge of the plasma hits the wall.

It also has a pivot that allows it to be levelled in case your mount isn't.

Great mount, and frankly, it changes the whole plasma experience.


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Thanks for the info Dave!

Regarding the length of the peerless, did you exclude the length of the plasma? I got the number purely from peerless' website.

I'm leaning toward the Chief mount at this point, becaused of the best extended and retracted length so far.

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the omnimount web site gives length of extension at 25.5, not 22.5.

In addition there will be the mounting plate thickness. Member 90c4 told us in another thread that the universal plate is 1.5" thick.

That brings total extension from wall to 27"

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The Peerless PLA-1 rotates through what is effectively 180 degrees when the arm is fully extended with a 42" plasma (as noted previously, probably a bit less when using with a 50" display)... it can turn from facing the left wall at a 90 degree angle to the wall it's mounted on, through facing the right wall at the same angle. It's not just the two arm sections that give you the rotation, there's a mechanism where the arm joins the wall plate that gives you the 180-degree rotation when the arm is straight out. (EDIT: Hmmm... guess that pretty much duplicates what Dave already said, once I do the math right...)

When pushed flat against the wall, the back of the display is 5" from the wall. With the arm fully extended, the back of the display is 31" from the wall... 30.5" is the distance from the back of the plasma adapter plate to the wall, and the plate is about .5" thick (at least for the PAN42 adapter plate for Panasonic 42" displays).

Tilt adjusment is 0-10 degrees down, I don't think there's any upward tilt at all - although the spec sheet does mention a 5 degree backward tilt, I haven't tried it, and the technical drawings don't actually seem to support this... so who knows?

Think that should cover the Peerless! :)

EDIT: thought the rotation was 360 degrees until I put my little thinking cap on - math is hard! I guess you'd call it 180 degrees instead, since 360 would imply that it could face the wall, which it clearly can't... :)

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how sturdy are these articulating mounts? i know they are on the wall pretty darn good, but do they sag over time?

i only ask because some guy at electronics store suggested that i stay away from the articulating mounts due to sag over time. after being on this forum i know to take anything and everything these salesguys say with a grain of salt.

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I have the chief articulating wall mount. It actually extends out 36in, due to it sitting about an 1-1/2in off the wall. The 2 5/8 is correct (I actually measured almost 3 in, but could be slightly off.) This is beacuse the extension folds into the unit.

This beast is HEAVY! Mounting one by oneself is not advised! I was concerned about the torque that would be presented as I have it extended 33in at all times. (It actually covers the "hole" the tube was in and hence goes back 33in to the wall).

Because of this I opened up the drywall and reinforced the studs with seom additional 2*4's and hurricane metal straps. This baby ain't going anyhwre! My entire wall will come down first!

As to sagging - quite frankly do not see how that is possible with the engineering of this mount. The solid steel plates that extend are mounted inside with solod steel pins (allowing you to adjust the position up down etc) They are not "articulating arms" per se as much as aticulating plates. I bought this unit mainly because of the extension, but needed tilt and the ability to swing it side to side. I cannot get 90 degrees due to my implementation, it is fully capable of it.

This is an awesome mount with an awesome(pricey) price tag to go with it.Ordered it with my PLasma and got a great deal. If you can swing the extra bucks for this unit and have a need for the extension and other features, I highly recomend it. Also it will do a 50in, the unit I have is overkill for the 42". But the price difference was so small between the two that I went with this one. (Cause you know I'm gonna get a bigger plasma someday!)

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