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hey guy's

I've been a member for awhile and know i'm ready to tackle my basement, i have some questions for anyone who can answer. I've done searches so these are some i didn't figure out...

My basement is sublevel ( i think ) half is under level while some isn't.

i have a twin so only one neighbor to worry about .

1. I'm going over different sound proofing. quit rock is an option, or plywood then normal drywall .

2. since it's in the basement would i need some type o moister barrier ( ilive in philly, pa.) with either solution

3. Some install jobs i've seen there was a rubber sheet between the ply and the rock which i can only assume is very pricey...

These are just some questions for now i will post pics when i start...

thank you

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1. Take a look at the link in my sig, that post will direct you to the soundproofing company, they have a great collection of articles on the topic. I would do double drywall w/green glue before either of your alternatives.

2. Post you location. Vapor barrier placement varies by climate.

3. That was probably mass loaded vinyl you saw. Hasa nothing to do with moisture barriers, but instead is a high priced sound isolation product. See #1 for more cost effective solutions.

Good luck.
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