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there has been a LOT of talk recently with regards to the cost and life of PJ Bulbs....

well, as long as people BUY these bulbs, then they will charge so much for them

the real issue is to encourage manufacturers to sell PJs with long bulb life.......

and lower priced bulbs ...

how to do this ?

easy - just purchase PJs that offer lower priced bulbs and longer quoted life......

luckily there are already some ( not many, just 1 or 2 ) big name manufacturers already starting to do this

Whilst I have to mention Panasonic ( again - sorry and i do NOT work for them ! )

everyone must thank Pana. for starting the low priced home PJ trend

the ae100 got the ball rolling, and so did Sanyo with their Z1.....

due to their nature, PJs will never be mass produced in the same way as TVs etc, as not everyone has the room space to accomodate a PJ etc

BUT keep buying products that offer lower priced bulbs and longer life ones, and all the other manufacturers will join in.....

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