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The real requirement for power amps

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Hi All,

I noticed when I off load the LFE channel to my sub my AVR runs much cooler. Now this makes a lot of sense as it's the low frequencies that require the large amount of power at high SPLs so when I didn't have the sub and I used my floorstanders, even though they are [email protected] ohms they still needed to be driven quite hard during action scenes by the AVR which ended up becoming very warm.

However, once the sub is in play, the AVR has a lot more free capacity - the question is what extra benefit would a separate power amp offer now they sub does the hard grunt work?

Running a MRX 500


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It would free up your avr's amp even more than your active sub does now.....whether you really need more power is another question. What spl levels are you listening at?

Originally Posted by lovinthehd  /t/1518026/the-real-requirement-for-power-amps#post_24363304

It would free up your avr's amp even more

Yes they would be, if it was for Just higher SPLs then I don't need one unless dynamic peaks cause clipping. Listen at around -20dB haven't run ARC so no trimming for each levels currently. I am aware when ARC is set up due to each channel is trimmed to different levels there might be higher volume setting on the AVR, maybe upto -17dB
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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