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The SA8300HD your input

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Since this unit comes without an owners manual we need your input of what you have learned.While opinions are a must in this forum this thread is to learn about a piece that gives no info.Thanx and I'm looking forward to the info.
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Scroll down a little, we have a lot of SA8300 and SA8000HD threads. The SARA software is the same on both the SA8300 and SA8000, so the functionality is identical (aside from HDMI).
For manuals ... try the Scientific Atlanta web site.

Unless you're on Passport ... don't know about that.
There's a thread here about it:
Originally posted by bfdtv
so the functionality is identical (aside from HDMI).
According to its spec sheet , the SA8300HD's storage can also be expanded with an external SATA HDD, to my mind a very significant new feature. Whether that's actually working in the firmware is anyone's guess. I don't think that anyone here has tried it yet. (One guy with an SA8300 is so eager to try this that he's bought a drive and enclosure; he says that his TWC rep claims that the active and they're just waiting for SA to qualify drives for use with it).

The SA83000 also continuously outputs downconverted video through its SD analog outputs, like the Pioneer 3510HD and SA3250HD. It also, I believe, has a separate composite video RCA jack (the SA8000HD green component connector doubles as component video when the box is in "SD mode", a truly bizarre design). These solve some major problems some people have with the SA8000HD.

At least one person who felt that the SA8000HD's HD video output was "softer" than his previous STB's thinks that the 8300 is noticeably sharper. Not really "functionality", but if true it would answer a very common complaint.
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I’ve had the 8300HD for a couple of days (SARA), and have found the PQ better than the 8000HD. This may be due to its software being more up-to-date at 1.85 something. I really appreciate the simultaneous SD output because I pass it to my Faroudja NRS scalar, which I couldn’t do with the 8000HD. Watching SD now is much better.

I can’t tell from the sparse documentation if the connector for the SATA external drive is active or not. I wouldn’t bet on it, but it would be nice.
Jim Boden,

I got my 8300HD here in Houston yesterday. I can't see a difference in PQ doing an A/B through my receiver. It seems to be quicker in switching between 480i and 1080i with passthrough. I haven't been able to get the mute button to shut down the audio out of the STB though. The 8000 worked fine in this regard. Heva you seen anything about this problem in your surfing?

hey jim can you feed one box to another(themultiroom feature) on rogers or is the firewire active, wondering wether to upgrade or not,

and which model is the one that rogers has, because the guy I was talking to said the dvi was enabled, but I thought this one had HDMI so don't know if he knew waht he was talking about
Find the image softness annoying with my 8000HD and hope the 8300HD cures the problem one of these days. Recorded HDNet's 10-minute Tuesday 8 am Eastern resolution pattern and only could read ~890 lines of horizontal resolution. (Captured pattern at ~1335 lines with Motorola's DCT6208 via a 2nd cable company, using this technique ). Be interested to learn of any test pattern resolution measurements from 8300 users. Other factors arise, such as display resolution and some restrictions, perhaps rate shaping, by some cable companies. -- John

I understand the 8300HD has a faster processor than the 8000HD. I don't use audio muting, so can't help you there. I just use the digital audio connection. I believe muting and audio volume have no affect on either of the digital outputs, but I could be wrong.

I doubt the firewire output is active, but I have no way of knowing for sure. HDMI appears to be active. It’s a selection in the audio menu.

The multi-room feature appears to be a different model from the one Rogers has introduced, however, someone else said it only requires a firmware upgrade to make it work. The SA manual implies it’s a different box, but who knows.

It’s probably too early in the product release cycle for anyone to know for sure, but it would be nice if a firmware upgrade could provide the multi-room feature.
It is my understanding that there is a seperate box for the MR Server. The software upgrade would be for existing set tops(Clients) to talk with the MR server.

Firewire: It is also my understanding that the only box SA supports w/1394 is the Explorer 3250HD Rev. 1.8, Even though there are ports on almost every box they make.
Hi, I just got an 8300HD PVR about two weeks ago, and I can't figure out how to match the remote to my Amp. I tried searching for a remote guide on TW & SA websites, but no match for the remote they gave me. All the prior remotes say to press and hold Select + AUX and it will blink twice. Mine doesn't blink twice. Any ideas? My remote looks just like all the previous generations, except it has an Audio button as well as AUX on the top. 5 total.
Here is the primary thread on the 8300HD:


However, if someone wants to start a thread that is specific to the 8300HD on Time Warner Cable systems (using SARA or Passport, such as your case may be), please feel free. Just be very specific in the title of your thread, such as, "TWC SA 8300HD (SARA) Comments and Questions".

I am closing this thread as redundant. Thanks.
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