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First of I would like to say thanks to everyone on the do yourself forum for all the great information on here.

I would like to say that this is my first time building a HT and don't expect to much.

I started with the finding an appropriate corn for my design, seeing how I wanted to make a 160 degree arc screen. Then I took one 2x3 5ft cut it in half on a 45 degree and put it up. I then built the fame in which my laminate would be placed on. I add two 25in braces for support on the frame and I cut in to the frame making small wedges too relieve the tension in my frame. After that I decided that I wanted to make my border come out instead of being flat, so that my border would catch all the excess light that was reflected. I used 2in thick styrofoam for the boarders. I did each one piece by piece allowing for any human error in cutting. At the endpoint my styrofoam boarders came out 6 in and the interior or center it was 15 in. I also covered the styrofoam in black fleece and well eventually wrap a very nice velvet when I get some more money.

I guess that's it.

If anyone has any suggestion or comments I'll be glad to listen.


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