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The 'Side Bar' Home Theater Build - COMPLETED APRIL 2016!

APRIL 2016

The journey is just as beautiful as the dream room result.

I'm all about giving back to AVSForum members who gave me a 'virtual' apprenticeship in building a home theater. :D :)

This thread is just about me simply sharing my journey and giving back to others and 'paying it forward' so to speak. :eek:

But I figured maybe someone will suggest a better and more efficient way of accomplishing the build. I am open to suggestions and I am very impressionable with regards to other peoples ways of building a HT!!!!!!

From my previous thread here


you know that I copied and pasted the body or each post that was relevant from the AVSForum Dedicated Home Theater thread to over 12,000 subjects I created (each subject in an individual MS Word doc) from the AVSForum to study and prepare for this build for the past4 years.

After being with my girl and started looking for a house to buy after living with our parents to save money. We compromised and made an agreement about a house that was close to her mother, but farther than my parents (by 30 minutes more) but that I chose the house!!!!! Well....guess what 'criteria'I required for a new house?? A house with space in the basement for a HT build of course!!!!!

I remember drooling over"Audio/Video Interiors" magazine in the early 1990s and I thank my brother for getting his Home Theater build in 1992 which started me down this"money pit" of a hobby....

As of right now I am crazy in thinking that I need to build this 'miter saw table' before I start the HT build.

See link below.


So have a few days before I move theHot Water Baseboard Heater.

Speaking of which, thank you Mr. Tim here on the AVSForum who is a Master Plumber who has advised me on how to move my Hot Water Baseboard Heater when I am ready to start that project!!!!!


I have not started my 'soffit' framing concept in Sketchup yet, but I should have that done pretty soon and will post that.

Here is a list of what I purchased for this Home Theater and what I plan on needing in the future:

(the prices below are the final cost including taxes and shipping for each item)

1. Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit - $95.23- Purchased
2. Speakers (side and rears) KlipschRS-42s (Total of 4) - -Purchased
3. Logitech - Harmony Ultimate 15-Device Remote - Black - $304.94 - Purchased
4. Ridged - 12 in. Sliding CompoundMiter Saw with Free MSUV - $485.78 -Purchased
5. DeWalt DWE7491RS 10" Jobsite Table Saw 32 - 1/2" (82.5cm) RipCapacity, and a Rolling Stand
- $598.13 - Purchased
6. PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router - $157.94 - Purchased
7. MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set with Carbide-Tipped 1/2-Inch Shanks - $46.99 - Purchased
8. 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top HandleJigsaw - $159.99 - Purchased -
9. DEWALT DW2169 38-PieceImpact-Driver Ready Accessory Set - $36.99 - Purchased -
10. Book - Understanding WoodFinishing HC (FC Edition): How to Select and Apply the RIght Finish (AmericanWoodworker) - $30.58 - Purchased -
11. Upholstery Stapler (for FabricPanels) - $95.22 - Purchased -
12. Seating (2 Used Grey Seats with cupholders) off of Craigslist.org)- $150.00 - Purchased
13. SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer - $500.00 - Purchased
14. Lutron QSGRJ-6P-WH 6- zoneGRAFIK Eye QS Wireless Main Unit - $793.75- Purchased
15. Ironton Halogen Tripod Work Light — 1,000 Watts, 16,000 Lumens, Model#L9001 - $62.47 - Purchased -
16. IR Receiver (one from the front of the HT to thecomponent rack AND one from the front of the HT to the Lutron Grafik Eye)- $139.09 - Purchased -
17. GE 3-Wire Receptacle Tester50542 - $4.97 - Purchased
18. NSI Industries FTS50 1/8"Steel Fishtape with Handle, Formed hook End, 50' Length - $24.28 - Purchased
19. Gardner Bender CR-100 4-InchRomex Cable Ripper - $5.49 - Purchased
20. Irwin Industrial Tools 20783177-Inch Multi Tool Stripper, Cutter and Crimper with ProTouch Grips - $19.28 - Purchased
21. Respiratory Mask - $37.60 -Purchased -
22. Fluke 1AC-A1-II VoltAlertNon-Contact Voltage Tester - $26.54 - Purchased
23. LCD Digital Ohm VOLT Meter AC DCVoltmeter Multimeter - $7.50 - Purchased
24. Denon AVR-X4100w 7.2-Channel 4KUltra HD Networking Home Theater AV Receiver with AirPlay - Purchased
25. JVC RS4910 4K e-Shift (with freebulb) - Purchased
26. 160" 2.35:1 Solid WhiteJamestown Screen 1.2 Gain - $440.00 - Purchased - Ordered on 10/1/14 but have not received it yet
27. Expressive II Sand Dune Color - 19 ft x 12 ft Carpet Remnant from Home Depot (includes the cost of shipping - $65.00) $488.00
and adding 'seams' around all edges- Originally was $700 and I was watching this carpet for days and could not believe it when one day I walked it and they reduced the price to $350.00!!!
29. Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig -$148.50 - Purchased -
30. HDMI Cable (Redmear) To the Projector - NOT PURCHASED YET
31. Subwoofer RCA Binding Posts (3OF THEM) - $20.00 EACH - NOT PURCHASED YET -
32. RCA Cable From AV Receiver ToSubwoofers (3 subwoofers)
33. Room Treatment - (Linacoustic and Joanne Fabric's Poly Batting) $1000.00- NOT PURCHASED YET
TOTAL SPENT SO FAR: $11,121.83

Please be patient with my inability to work on this theater and share the results until I move the Hot Water Baseboard Heater. I still have to buy the PEX Tubing from Home Depot, the PEX Cutting Tool, the PEX Curve/Bend Tubing for the corners, Sharkbite Connectors etc.

I also have to build the Miter Stand as well before I start The Side Bar Home Theater Build.
I am also waiting on my Jamestown screen because I want to build it to ensure that the dimensions are accurate based on what James told me his screen frame 'border' dimensions are.
If I start building the screen wall,and wait for the Jamestown Screen to get delivered after the screen wall/stage is built and it doesn't fit....ouch that would hurt!!!

I also have to do a few other projects around the house, like build a simple Wood Shed (without a roof) for Firewood outside, and finish up sanding, finishing some drywall holes where we had a leak in some pipes in the ceiling on the carpeted/pole/original basement that I want to do either before or during the HT build.

Room size is approximately 21' 2" ft wide X 22' 9" deep X 7' 10" Height

PS: I brought my speakers and AV Receiver from JDsmoothie at AVScience and I highly suggest you choose them for your equipment needs as he was very helpful. I also brought my projector from Mike at AVScience and he advised me that my projector will fit into the dimensions of my room depth considering my particular projector's throw distance. Mike said that I should contact him when I am ready with regards to calculating the projector throw distance and depth to install it in the ceiling. :)

Here is a YouTube Video of the room from all angles to give you a better idea of the layout and to understand it as if you are there yourself:

Almost forgot to mention that my front left and right speakers will be JBL Northridge N-38s that I already had and the Center Channel Speaker is a JBL "N Center" Model.


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