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The Simpsons, disc 2 is bad!!

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Hello Everyone,

I went through my Simpsons collection, and the player froze on three episodes on disc 2. The picture started to jump 5 to 10 secs at a time with a very bad pixelization. Also, it locked in Video mode unlike Disc 1 which ran without a problem and stayed correctly in Film mode.

Does anybody else have problems with disc 2 of the Simpsons? I hope it is a bad disc, and I wil try to exchange the set tomorrow. :(

BTW, I am using a JVC DVD-KV65S player.
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Shouldn't the Simpsons play in video mode on a progressive player? It's 30fps video. Then again, animation is originally drawn in frames (drawing 60 fields would be difficult). I'm confused! :D So anyone care to clarify how animation such as the Simpsons is captured from cels (I assume season 1 was still cel drawn) for playback on interlaced TVs, and how they should then play back on a progressive display? Is video mode capable of puting it back together the way it should be without compromising the image quality in a way that would be necessary for video that is originally shot interlaced?
I've watched all 13 episodes of the first season and all played fine. I've listened to most of the commentaries too with no problems. You probably just got a bad disc, maybe you can return it for an exchange? Don't know what you mean by film vs. video mode, it's 4:3 29.97 fps NTSC I believe. I used smart stretch to watch them.

Oh by the way, I have a progressive player, and it looks great (well as great as 11 year old done-for-tv animation can look. :)
My discs are also all A-OK.

You know, for an 11 year old show-with extremely rough animation- you gotta give FOX alot of credit. It looks fantastic.
No problems here either. The main complaint I have about the discs is the lack of an all play mode. Anybody know how to get all episodes to play consecutively?
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