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The Simpsons first season Set. What I don't like.

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Is there an option to play all episodes on the DVD one after the other automatically? Just seems practical to me.

Also, Anyone have problems Getting the disks out of the case? They are in there really tight. Not that I try to RIP them out as fast as I can, But I am always worried about messing up the disk if it bends. I think the duel layer thing gets me thinking that if I bend it, maybe it will separate the two layers, is this possible?

And the PQ look pretty bad on my monitor, but fine on the TV. Must be the age of the shows, or the way they were printed?

Besides that, a great collection at a great price if you like the Simpsons. When are the rest due out?
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I'd like to know this as well. I would like to play this at a retail store I work at but can't with the menu coming up at the end of each episode.

You can try ripping the vob's, then playing them back with ATI File Player or PowerDVD in File Mode. Of course, you will need HTPC to use these software dvd players.

I agree the picture quality isn't that great, but it's a no-brainer for Simpsons fans to own this dvd set. I believe the crude animation and age of these episodes contribute to the less than ideal transfer from video to digital. When future seasons come out on dvd, they will look and sound much, much better.

DVDs and CDs are actually very sturdy. If you have one of those annoying AOL CDs that you're going to throw out anyway, try bending it and breaking it. You'll find that you pretty much have to bend it right over double before it snaps.
Yeah, I am aware of how much it a takes to brake CD in half, But what I am wondering is, Can the duel layer of the DVD de-layer by bending it? I assume duel layer means 2 read/write surfaces sandwiched together?
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