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Did a search and there are plenty of scattered threads for the RWs but not one consolidated thread.

Ordered an RW-12D from the 'egg and received it yesterday. Impressions:

-box was a bit beat up but the sub was in good shape with the grill intact; the only issue was one of the plastic feet broke off but I called Klipsch and they will send a new foot shortly (it's a Phillips head screw in job so if you all have the same problem, it's an easy replacement)

-this thing is HUGE and I'm not used to such a big sub coming from a Velodyne Impact Mini (on a side note, that Velodyne is nice but an 8" sub is completely out of its league for HT use)

-set up the 12D (front corner of HT) and Impact Mini (by my couch) via Onkyo 3008 Audyssey MultEQ XT32; set 12D to Flat, crossover to off, and volume to -20 and the 3008 has set the distances and levels appropriately

-I really appreciate the DCS controls and I'm happy that I didn't have to reach around to make even the most minor adjustments

-wow, what a difference. The Impact Mini would distort easily even with mid-bass input but the 12D can take even ridiculous bassy material like Tron Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gears of War 3, et. al., with aplomb and no distortion so far whatsoever

Lastly, a friend has the Hsu VTF-3 with Denon 3311. Let me state this obvious fact: the VTF-3 is a much better sub than the 12D. The question remains is it $400-$500 better and/or is it "I'm happy I paid $400-$500 more than the next guy?" The answer is no. I paid $300 with free shipping and the friend paid more than twice as much. Is the VTF-3 twice as better than the 12D? Not for me.

I cross-shopped them and decided to "settle" for the 12D and used the extra money for a second PS3. You decide.
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