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The Sony 60A2020, the Mitsubishi 65732 or the 73732??? Pros and Cons?

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I've began upgrading my 2 year old Sony 55inch LCD Rear Projection 55xs955. I started off with the Toshiba 65inch 65hm167. Loved the new size over my 55inch, but was worried how I saw rainbows and the screen had strong SSE. It also ended up having stuff stuck in the screen so I had to return it and took a chance on the 60a2020.

Overall, you can go wrong with the 60A2020, no rainbows, SSE is very minimal compared to others, great picture, but even so, it does feel a little small to upgrade to. I really missed the impact 65inches had on me.

I've narrowed down my only other possible choice being the Mitsubishi XX732 models. I need to look at them more to get an idea how strong the SSE is, but less than.

65732 is more expensive than the Toshiba, but it seems to have less SSE and the 6 color wheel helps reduce rainbows (which again I see)

73732 may be overkill, but a deal if I can get it for $3000. Though, it doesn't have the 6 color wheel like the 65inch.

It's hard to make the decision to go and return the 60A2020, which I got a decent deal for at $2250 locally and take a chance with the 65732 (can be had near $2300). Circuit City doesn't carry the 65 732 model, Best Buy has it, but in the magnolia section, I guess I'll have to see if they are willing to match a price like 1call. Best Buy also has the 73732 in the Mag area, but I don't know if I can get them as low as online too, but then CC also carries that one and at a decent price with AAA 10% coupon, but still not as good as 1call had it last weekend. Then I heard Frys has it lower than $2500 last weekend, but none or that close to me.

So can anyone give me any tips and info comparing the Mitsu XX732 models versus a Sony 60A2020, like blacks just as good? I've read endlessly open both but never in context again a different tv.

I can see rainbows, but I know I can live with it. Does anyone know if the 6 color wheel really helps reduce rainbows compared to other sets, especially between the 65732 and 73732? Then SSE, if it is real bad I might ever enjoy the tv. But while the Sony has little SSE, I'm wishing it was larger.

Also, feel free to suggestion any other tv, like samsung, if around 65inches or bigger without going higher than $3000.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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