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I've started my basement by almost completing an all purpose room (drywalled, no ceiling or floor). Now that I've almost completed that, I've moved to the main area in my basement. I've been concentrating on the focal point, which is the front of the movie room. Before I start studding the front of the room, I would like some input on my ideas.

1. I would like to do a design as I have in the photo - any input on design would be helpful!

2. Any input on the dimensions/width/height/depth of the A/V built in rack. What are the minimum width and depth requirements for equipment?

3. I would like to run two 3" conduit behind the main screen area to fish wires to the TV. One would be reserved for expansion, while the other would be used. Any thoughts on my crazy idea?

4. I was thinking of doing built in front / center speakers. Any pro's cons from personal experience? I like the clean look. Also with the room being fairly wide, what about the side speakers? Any tips there would be awesome.

General note on the design. On the left side angled closed is where my electrical panel resides...on the right is where my cleanout is for the main sewer line. I figured this design would give me access to both in addition to getting behind the A/V closet.

Thank you!


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Add a stage for visual interest, consider a screen false wall and a DIY acoustically transparent screen to hide the speakers. I would think also think about using fabric panels to hide the electrical panel and clean-out while maintaining your basic shape.

IMHO the two side areas are a little bit too wide visually.

This is my favorite stage and screen wall design.

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