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Wanted to post a build thread for the theater room that I have put together in my rental place. Looking to do a couple small things over the summer to really make the space work. Planning on building a wall at the front of the room in order to hang the 144" projector screen. Also planning on surrounding the screen with sy fabric velvet. Will be posting additional pictures as the build progresses.

Current Screen Size: 165"
Future Screen: Carl's Place Prowhite 144" 16:9
Projector: Benq W1075
Front Speakers: JBL ES90
Center Speaker: JBL Studio Center 2
Surround Speakers: JBL ES80
Subwoofers: Dayton Audio Sub-1200
Receiver: Onkyo NR-616
Blu-Ray Player: PS3
Cables: Monoprice

Note the stack of boxes used to raise and level the projector as it cannot be ceiling mounted

Screen still packed away :crying:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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