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State of the art acoustically transparent masking screens, Mix Mode reference grade In-wall surround sound systems, and contrast optimized DCI compliant projectors to debut at CEDIA 2009 - Booth 3319.

Coconut Creek, FL - Mount Sinai, NY - Miami, FL - (August 10, 2009 )

This is not your typical cubicle partition booth.”-Says Ruben Ortiz, founder of SmX Cinema Solutions, Corp. “This is a light controlled acoustically optimized cabin showcasing a scaled version of our next generation large-room audio video ensemble.” The Temple of Home Theater features the critically acclaimed SMX PROMASK-QUAD 4 way masking screen fitted with the latest SMX 4K acoustically transparent CineWeave woven surface which experts describe as appearing impermeable from a close-by vantage point.

In addition, SMX will be showcasing five different fixed and masking screen models including the ProMask-Curv two-way curved masking screen, the ProMask-CH two-way flat masking screen, the ProLine flat fixed projection screen and the ProCurv curved fixed projection screen. SMX will also be introducing the industries first affordable manual masking option the PRO-PANELS for masking flat and curved fixed projection screens.

CINEPRO will be showcasing new editions to their high powered AFM Speaker System. With over 10,000 watts it will effortlessly exceed reference levels without compression, distortion, or any signs of ear fatigue, while hidden behind the high resolution acoustically transparent SmX masking screen.

Michael Panicci, Pres. and DR. Constantine Gus Cossifos, V.P., will be introducing their NEW 15 HVV Subwoofers which provide a more powerful level of bass output and have a significant advantage over industry standard sealed and vented designs. They are faster, tighter, more faithful to the input signal and play louder with greater impact. Cannons, depth charges, gun shots and explosions will attain new levels of realism and authority.

CINERAMAX will be showcasing a SUPERKONTRAST modified BARCO DP-1200 with exclusive convergence and lamp focus adjustability yields double the native contrast of this celebrated platform while the Depth FX patented LUTs enhances dimensionalization. “We look forward to bring an earnest alternative to the practice of projector re-branding so prevalent in the high end consumer projector arena”.

Only three manufacturers are licensed to do Cinema DLP, this precludes their re-badging by consumer DLP brands because DCI compliant projectors, whose optics and electronics are superior to the 1080p category commonly re-baptized, legally cannot be re-branded. Thus we offer the CEDIA Home Theater installer/designers a more transparent value-added business model with an image superior to solutions costing 5 times its price.

“Together with Moving image Technologies' online monitoring and diagnostics we take advantage of BARCOs global 3-D digital cinema rollout infrastructure with their spare parts module dispatch and a global network of certified technicians to achieve the best possible support to critical screening rooms everywhere” says Peter Montoulieu a co-founder of CEDIA and Technical Director, CINERAMAX LLC.

“We call upon those fervent believers of home theater that will be making their pilgrimage to CEDIA this year to experience true joy and glory at the TEMPLE OF HOME THEATER. May you find the peace that comes with renewing your faith in high technology.” –Gus Cossifos, VP CINEPRO.
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