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The Transporter: the REAL (instrumental) soundtrack

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Does anyone know where I can get this in the US? It seems that there are 3 versions of the soundtrack. The one in the link below (from amazon.co.uk) is the actual soundtrack to the movie and most of the instrumental music is by Stanley Clarke. The other versions consist of music (mostly hip-hop and rap) inspired :rolleyes: by the movie.

I checked US sites (bestbuy.com, circuitcity.com and amazon.com), but could only find the uninspired version. Good thing I did (listened to a few tracks and read the reviews), as I would have been seriously pissed :mad: if I had actually gone out and bought this locally.

Thanks for any help.

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I couldn't find it for sale on any U.S. sites either. If you want to get it at a store, Tower or other local record stores might special order it (Tower used to, I'm not sure though if they do that anymore) so you can inspect the disk (and if there's a problem it makes replacing it easier).

Thanks. As for nearby local music retailers, I don't think there are any and the "local" Tower is about 60+ miles from where I now live. Trust me, this is a blessing. ;)

I may end up just ordering the soundtrack from amazon.co.uk if it's not available in the US. I hadn't checked 'bay yet, so maybe I'll have a look there first. Although, with my luck they'll be 20 discs up for auction -- all in the UK!
I ended up ordering mine from amazon/uk when if first came out. It ROCKS compared to the american version.
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