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Not sure if this is the right subforum to post this, but I have to let everyone know I have found one of the most awesome DVD/Media racks for collectors:

Leslie Dame CD-1500-B Deluxe

I have tried other $150 media racks/cabinets from BestBuy and they were all of shoddy quality with wood that was chipped out of the box and bolts that snapped when you screwed them in. Engineered poorly with poor quality materials enclosed. Or, they simply did not hold enough movies.

Enter the Leslie Dame CD-1500-B. I ordered from the above site and they pricematched another site so I got it for $230 shipped. It arrived double-boxed with inlayed wood supports so that the exterior box was extra strong. Despite UPS smashing the external box, because of the superior packing the internal contents were in perfect shape. Several of the bigger panels had protected plastic coating on them to prevent chips and this could be removed.

Assembly was easy with less than 5 steps and the sprockets were pre-installed. Once assembled, the unit feels fairly sturdy - although it still uses pressboard, the engineering and construction quality results in a rack that

feels secure and sturdy.

It also comes with a boatload of shelves depending on whether you want to put CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, or books in it. It holds 3 columns and 7 rows of DVDs, including oversized DVDs - nearly double the rows if using CDs. The company claims 1500 CDs and 600 DVDs which looks about right. I have lots of shelves and spare parts leftover including backup sprockets, etc. Even the glue included was of much higher quality than other stands - it was fresh and in a nice plastic dispenser.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this unit - so much so that I ordered a second one! Its available in numerous colors and there is also a smaller 2-column version. The above store did well on price and customer service so I'd recommend that as well. If you're a media collector, look no further than this reasonably priced rack!
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