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After more than 1.5 years of screaming and tweaking, I have finally finished off my ultimate OTA TV antenna array for local digital, analog and of course HD programming!!!

Phoenix area folks, as HD and Digital TV are so new, its hard finding competent and knowledgable OTA antenna installers. Well, I can tell you from experience that

Gerry Behm, [email protected] , [email protected] , is as good as they get.And if you want to see how your local antenna can withstand the monsoon season and get all channels flawlessly with high signal levels, you can e-mail and I'll be glad to have you over. Gerry also does satellite dish installs, computer networking, home automation. A few forum members have ordered the new color Pronto Pro from him with him only making a small profit, selling it at $775 plus shipping, a great price!

Sorry if I wrote this sounding like an ad for Gerry. No, I'm really not sorry. I know from experience its difficult to find someone so competent and reasonably priced to do this sort of work, and I want other forum members who aren't the outdoor install type (I am not) to know where to find top notch help as well!!!


Steve Bruzonsky

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