Samsung expands its microLED display offerings with giant version of The Wall that measures 219" as well as a new product called The Window that measures 75".

Check out the sheer size of the 219" The Wall:

I'll post more information shortly, for now here's info from the press release:

"Featuring groundbreaking self-emissive MicroLED technology, The Wall at 219” and The Window deliver unparalleled picture quality that excel in every performance category. These revolutionary MicroLED modular displays can be configured to any resolution, aspect ratio, size or shape while optimizing the content on screen. Whether it is 75”or 219”, these revolutionary displays can support everything from standard 16:9 HD content, to 21:9 widescreen films, to unconventional aspect ratios like 32:9, or even 1:1 – without having to make compromises in its picture quality." - Samsung Electronics