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Haven't been here in awhile due to life. Here is my original theater build thread. When I moved a few years back we bought a house that didn't really have a good space for a future HT. The one unfinished space was nearly our only storage in the house (seemingly). After having just moved the space was FULL of unopened moving boxes. Well 3 years later we are in the process of clearing out the room and my wife is pushing me to either sell all of my old HT junk that we moved or set something up! Queue the build thread! :D

The space is quite small but manageable I think.

Room is approximately 12'-6" wide by 17'-4" deep. I have identical DIY LCR speakers that I would like to re-use. I also still have my Panasonic AE-4000U with only ~100 hrs and unopened spare lamp, so that will be the starting light thrower.

Full Equipment Rundown:

Panasonic AE-4000U 1080P LCD Projector
DIY EconoWaveGuide Deluxe Left/Center/Right Speakers
Onkyo TX-NR1008
BFM Tuba HT Folded Horn Subwoofer
(3) Behringer A500 300Wx2 Amplifiers
Oppo BDP-93 Bluray Player
Older HTPC with W7
Tivo Mini

Here is a Photosynth of the space as it sits while we organize/sell/scrap everything in the space. Pretty cramped.
Photosynth of Existing

I need to keep at least one of the storage racks in the space (put it in closet). I really only need one couch/sectional for the space. The younger ones can sit on bean bag or gaming chair down low. I had planned on maybe a space behind a half height wall for stools, but not sure if possible with tight quarters.

Here are some proposed drawings from Live Interiors 3D Free (just found this program this afternoon and it is fairly robust and really easy to use so far):

2D Floor plan (mostly to scale)

3D Renderings (with some color schemes I was considering - help please!)

Things I need to buy:
1. Acoustically Transparent Screen - Seymour AV
2. Surround Speakers (Atmos? What is it?!)
3. Sectional Sofa
4. LED Lighting
5. Misc Building Materials

Known Issues:
1. I am not sure where to put the Tuba HT sub...maybe under the stairs with port facing room through speaker cloth grille? Maybe behind screen wall.
2. I need to re-frame the stairs support to provide better access to our 'storm shelter' area under the stairs
3. Viewing distance might be an issue with the screen size I am hoping for, but will need to do a mock setup to see
4. How to mount the AT screen so it can be removed/raise/etc. to access speakers and subs behind without major effort

I am really unsure of the timeline. I hope to have some basic stuff done (walls framed up & power/lights wired) by end of winter.

Any thoughts? Questions?

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Fiddling with some new layouts. Might actually get to doing something on this. Life got in the way. Really just need to figure out electrical first. Ideally would like at least one new dedicated circuit for power, but don't have a straight forward route.


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After several days of rain, I found some water damage in the family room adjacent to the theater in the basement. The rooms are separated by the main stairs. I pulled back the carpet and found moldy/deteriorated carpet tack strips (has happened before evidently), sopping wet carpet pad, and wet carpet. I removed what I could of the damage (while taking pictures).

I am able to see some behind this corner and added a few photos of what I could see. The floor behind the wall is wet, but the foundation wall itself appears to be dry. The floor under the stairs is dry now, but appears like it might have been wet previously based on a "water stain" look I see underneath the attic stock of the flooring stored under there.

Also, when I went to check under the stairs, I noticed a streak of water coming down from the corner of the window.

I also attached the exterior landscaping. I think it has sufficient slope away from the house, but perhaps could be better. The gutters appear to be pushing water away from the house, but the ground around the house is saturated!!!.

I am trying to figure out next steps. Anyone had experience with water damage and insurance companies? Not sure if I should continue to investigate (demo) to determine how serious it is, or leave it alone and let them determine the problem and solve it?

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It looks like I will be on my own in this (not really surprised here):

State Farm Insurance Policy said:
This peril does not include loss:
a. to the system or appliance from which the water or
steam escaped;
b. caused by or resulting from freezing;
c. caused by or resulting from water or sewage from
outside the residence premises plumbing system
that enters through sewers or drains, or water which
enters into and overflows from within a sump pump,
sump pump well or any other system designed to
remove subsurface water which is drained from the
foundation area; or
d. caused by or resulting from continuous or repeated
seepage or leakage of water or steam which occurs
over a period of time and results in deterioration,
corrosion, rust, mold, or wet or dry rot
I suppose this will take priority. :p
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