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Electrohome Marquee 8110 (ceiling mount)

Key Digital LEEZA

Stewart StudioTek 1.3 (110" diag 16x9)

BTX automated curtain

Panasonic RP-56 with SDI-mod

Elite DVL-91

Elite DVL-90

Toshiba VCR

Lexicon MC-1 w/DTS and DD-EX

7 Marantz MA-700 Monoblocks

2 Carver M1.0t amps (run mono for transducers)

Aragon 4004

DBX Equalizer

2 DBX Subharmonic synthesizers

DBX Dynamic Expander

Alesis Equalizer

Axiom VP150 Center

Boston T-930 Mains

Boston VMX Dipoles

Boston T-800 Rears

2 Citation 12" passive subs

2 Guitammer Buttkickers

RTI TheaterTouch Remote w/RF receiver

Xantech splitters and emitters

BetterCables and Audioquest connectors

Seating for 11 in three stadium rows
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Not open for further replies.