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Hey Guys

Just starting to research a home theater build for my basement. Have a dedicated room that was already built with the house. Little background my house is made of ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). Did the entire movie theater in ICF also. So I have 2.5 inches of polystyrene on each side of 8" of concrete. The polystyrene needed Drywall for code so that the walls have a drywall cover. The ceiling has a steel truss system with core-gated aluminum showing (4" of concrete on top of aluminum). The room is roughly 16 ft 7" wide and little over 18 ft deep. The floor is bare concrete right now.

I'm looking to lean on the expert here and get feedback. Want to know what kind of sound deadening materials do I sill need for the walls. Was thinking about adding a layer sound deadening board. Really would like the look of a Maple Vineer and then add some suede panels. Not sure if the maple is a bad idea. Is the sound deadening layer necessary with the polystyrene and 1/2 drywall?

Have a ton of other questions for ceiling and floors but was hoping to strike up a good conversation.

Appreciate the help.......hoping to start this fall......7 yrs in the making!
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