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Theater seats in and around Seattle?

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Can anyone recommend a Seattle store where I can try out and purchase theater seats like the berkliners, coasters, showtime, etc?


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I was just at Costco Home in Kirkland yesterday and they have quite a few; very comfortable, especial the straight arm with cup holder. Even got a high WAF response!

I was told they can't special order until 2006. I could not see model numbers but now that I home I know to look under the retracting foot rest, or low in the back when reclined, to see the factory tag. If you do see that burgundy beauty (was a scratched floor model) please let me know the model #.

They also have Lane and a few other brands. Hope this helps.
Checkout a regular Costco too.

They have a set of 3 Berklines w\\electric recline for 1899.00.

By the dimensions and price they seem to be 90s.
Thanks Milt99, I will check it out at Costco #1 on 4th.

I'll probably end up buying from Roman as I think I need a custom order since there's no WAF on cup holders. Happy/Safe New Year
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