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Hey guys....first post here. Love all the info. I've read this forum for a long time. Unfortunately I'm a newbie to this so be gentle.

I have built a dedicated HT room in the basment using all the ideas from reading thousands of posts. I have a 12.5' X 19' room. The room is complete from a construction standpoint and now I'm ready for equipment setup. I have a drop ceiling and elected not to prewire. I'm starting from scratch on the wiring. I have the following components...

Pioneer Elite


Sapphire 7:1 Speaker

Direct TV HD Receiver

Oppo DVD

Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector

X-Box 360

Does someone have a diagram and/or info in regards to setup (i.e. which cables to use and how to run where)? Any help would be appreciated.

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Well I did a search on the type of loudspeakers and quite frankly I'm not into girls jewellery Sapphire 7:1 Speaker I have never heard of these loudspeakers I guess manufactures are running out of names.

Well that's one thing I managed to find (Panasonic video projector) that you have, get a perforated screen mate and construct a wall a false wall to install the front loudspeakers into this will reinforce the low end of the frequency response also place the SVS sub into the wall as well and with black masking for around the sides of the screen, it should look fab mate.

Also build some short of access way to get to the loudspeakers, it's all doable, I mean you what to see the picture and hear the sound emerging from behind it don't you just like how it's been done since 1927 The Jazz Singer!
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