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p4 3.0 ghz

radeon 9800pro

powerstrip,dvd idle, dila g11

my projector's native res is 1360x1024

in order



gradual denoise 22


unsharp mask, strength 40

resize at 1440x960

settings: lanczos

luma sharpen 0.40


yuv,fullscreen (renderless)

playing season 2 samurai jack

trying to play a specific chapter let's say it's episode 5

theatertek plays ep 4

next button does not work and every time i go from windowed mode to fullscreen

dvd resets to the opening loading page and loads the dvd menu

here's the extra weird thing, no matter what "title" i try to jump to or select in the menu it insists on playing that same episode 4 that i've seen.

some of the above settings are new , resize and lanczos, luma

in ffdshow. could they be the source of the problem? or something else?

any help, thanks
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