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Theft Prevention ideas/tips?

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My home was burglarized while I was out of town on business recently they walked out with my 42" plasma, PS3, Wii, and about $10k in photo gear.

My media room is mostly intact b/c my B&K Preamp and amplifier, power conditioner, and distribution amps were all rack mounted which thwarted their theft.

I am wall mounting the new 50" plasma, as well as installing an Elk M1 alarm which will integrate with my home automation, and have installed upgraded deadbolt locks, security film on the windows, as well as limiting the ground floors' windows movement to no more than 6". The photo gear all now has a new home in a dedicated safe secured to the concrete pad via 8 bolts.

Does anyone have any ideas for securing a Wii or PS3 slim? I have looked at rack mounting them as well, but I would have to buy a larger rack and it looks to make the Wii's side ports impossible to get to. Has anyone else come up with a good theft solution for these consoles?


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I don't know how helpful this would be to you, but as a console modder, I've learned over the years sticking consoles into PC cases (rack mountable ones in this case with all the ports at the front) thwarts thieves since they ant recognize them. If not, properly drilled holes and some chain would work.
mostly i've seen musician racks more than i have H/T racks, but i've seen guys use rack shelves for some equipment, and locking rack covers when they're moving them or leaving them unattended. might be an option?

i mean, if they REALLY wanted them, they could always unscrew the covers, i guess.

sounds like you've done every reasonable thing to protect your other equipment. i suppose if you're going to be out of town for an extended period of time, you could always disconnect the consoles and stash them in a safe, as well.

personally, i have a couple good deadbolts, monitored security system, and 3 dogs...plus i live about a block from the local police station.
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Dogs seem to work the best for me....if that won't work for you then leave a note near your gear that if they take your gear they have to take your kids too....usually drives them away when they find out I have four teenagers...
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A couple of large, trained guard dogs would be my bet, but short of that, what about a locked gear door, as you really only need access to the Wii bar right?
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