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Not sure how many people here read Penny-Arcade, PvP or CTRL+ALT+DEL but the WoW Dark Iron server is presently the battlegrounds for online-web comics.

from todays news section at pvponline:

Could success kill your WoW server?

Posted on Monday, August 15, 2005

I was contacted in game yesterday by Tim Buckley who writes the comic strip Control Alt Delete. He wanted to start an allied guild on Dark Iron and wanted to know if it was okay. I certainly didn't feel that I was in a position to say no. Tim kind of put me on the spot and I was afraid to express my reservations for fear that my words would end up twisted by the time they reached his website's main page.

But I do have some real reservations about it. Not because I'm against having allied guilds rally with us, or because of my issues with Tim or his work. But because, frankly, there's just not enough room for ALL of us on Dark Iron.

We had this really cool thing going here with Penny-Arcade and PvP. The server was new when we got here and now there's a line to get in. Our guilds can't really attack each other in mass beacause it crashes the server (as we all experienced last night in Westfall).

Now I hear that the VG cats guy wants to join in too.

It's ironic. The "differences" between myself and Tim revolve around my being upset that so many people copy PvP and Penny-Arcade rather than just going and doing their own thing, and now that same situation is following us into a video game. Only, unlike the real world, on Dark Iron, there certainly isn't enough room for all of us. What's going to happen once every other guy with a gaming webcomic decides he's going to pick a side and join our server? I'm a little worried about it.

We've been trying to explain this to people who message us in game to join the guild. There are a lot of you and not everyone is going to get a chance to group with Skull or Gabe or Tycho. Not everyone gets to play. That's just the reality of dealing with so many people at once.

I slept on it last night and I'm upset. I'm upset that this webcomic drama got pulled into the game and I'm upset that Tim put me on the spot while I was escaping all that **** and just trying to hit level 30. Now I gotta stop, snap out of my virtual experience and worry that if I say "You want to bring 1,000 more people into this server?" it's going to be on his website come Monday morning in the form of "F*&@ you Scott Kurtz you ego-maniac."

Yes, Penny-Arcade outnumbers us. But we're the rebels against the Empire and it's always fun. We hit them in small groups and then hearth out and hit them somewhere else. We're having a blast. But the server is full, my friends. To the brim. I'm already waiting behind an average of 168 people just to log IN during peak hours.

Yeah, I wish everyone could play on one server. Half of me wants to throw open my arms and say "Come on guys. Join us." But we can't. The server CAN reach capacity. And half of me just wishes you would start your own thing on another server.

I hope everyone understands that this is an expression of genuine conern on my part for the well being of everyone's good time and not some attempt to start controversy or stir drama.

Not everyone gets to play with us.
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